New Services! Contract Administration

A construction project is often necessary to start or maintain a brick-and-mortar business, but one that comes with significant risks that the owner may not always be equipped to handle.

Thankfully, in addition to providing custom drawings for permits, JTech is now providing full contract administration services for light commercial projects (i.e. tenant improvements).

In general, contract administration is a service that involves ensuring that a contractor fulfils their job to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Our services will include the following:

  • We will work with the client to develop a custom design, provide professional construction drawings, facilitate any engineering requirements, and assist in permit application process.
  • We will develop of tender documents and specifications to invite contractors to bid.
  • Once bids have been received, we will review qualifications of the various contractors, and each of their bid submissions. We will not only consider the lowest bid price, but also the contractors’ qualifications, reputation, insurance, previous projects, health and safety experience, etc.
  • Once a contractor has been selected, we will assist the owner with development of a legally binding agreement, customized for each particular project. We will clearly explain to the client and contractor the obligations and expectations of both parties.
  • Once the project has begun, we will facilitate and take minutes of progress meetings and process all project correspondence. This often includes liaising with various groups to respond to requests for information (RFIs), issuing Site Instructions (SIs) and processing Change Orders (COs).
  • We will review monthly progress payment requests received from the contractor in order to validate its conformity with actual progress on site, and ensure that all documentation required has been provided (current WCB clearance, Statutory Declarations, and up-to-date insurance certificates).
  • We will ensure that an Operations and Maintenance Manual is provided by the Contractor, complete with as-built drawings, and operations instructions of various components, and warranty documents as required by the contract.
  • Once the lien period is expired, we will ensure the contract has been satisfactorily performed and that holdback funds can be released.  

In doing so, we will ensure the project runs smoothly, the schedule is maintained so your opening day will not be delayed, without unnecessary budget overruns.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.